February 21, 2005

it's raining spam

my inbox has been inundated with spam of late. very bizarre and obscure things, though. oh, the topics are all perfectly average "hot milfs looking for love," "local cheating housewives," "horny local cheating weomn" - they even have a running theme! actually, they're pretty amusing, though i admit, obnoxious. the sender box, on the other hand has slowly become more and more outrageous. i'm afraid i haven't kept track of some of the earlier names that appeared, but no matter, the most recent one is the best. vandalizing f. amputee! it's genius, i tell you, genius! i know, these names are created by a random generator, but could a random generator not produce the works of shakespeare given enough time? i submit it would do so more easily than a monkey typing on through infinity as it would have an advantage in that it could only produce true words, rather than the undisciplined key-punching of an ape. of course, punctuation and formatting would also have to be factored in, but i'm sure allowances can be made in the interest of expediency.

speaking of inboxes, i still have not received matt's mysterious mailing and and growing, well, even more impatient. sadaf and suegol both dropped very vague hints over the weekend, indicating it might be a garment of some sort - perhaps - and that i would like it. i am terrible with suspense. even though matt declared toward the contrary, i suspect it will be pajamas. predictable, yes, but who does not love pajamas?

finally, on the topic of inundation... yesterday it poured down terribly hard. so much so that i was kept from my friends in the evening. i missed movie night, i'm afraid, as i would have assuredly drowned slogging to the dorms where everyone was staying. instead, i did a bit of light reading and watched zoolander, inspired in my choice by my distant friends. my ceiling, fortunately did not leak at all yesterday. today, on the other hand, was dry with only a light sprinkle falling. my ceiling dripped steadily but slowly all afternoon. i do not understand what exactly motivates this, then. i suspect it is governed by a whimsical sprite that lives in my ceiling and whose only ruling faculty is caprice. my bucket is till in place, along with the newspaper, so i am ready for whatever might fall. at least i have not yet had to start bailing out my carpet. the others are not so lucky, as the flood has advanced from their window all the way across the room to the door opposite. it is a very perilous place for dry socks at the moment, and we are all growingly terrified of killer mold. my own carpet is a bit damp next to the closet, at the current head of my bed. it is much less an inconvenience, however.

in other news, i have baked two different types of cookie, have watched the one-armed swordsman, eaten amy's chicken carcass soup, and have not begun studying for my midterm yet. that's the news of the rest of the weekend. good times.


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