February 09, 2005

general survey

so, greg e-mailed me today to say he was waiting for my next blog post. unwilling to disappoint my "readership" (i wish there were some way to make that word sound more singular than it already is) let me tell you a bit of what has been going on. i haven't been terribly inclined to post of late for want of something to say, but i'll give it a shot.

the lizard lab in which i have been laboring one a week for nothing has offered me a position actually doing proper labwork...eventually. they've applied for a grant to get me somewhere between $300 and $600 a week doing research. i'm not entirely sure where that money is supposed to go - my pockets or lab supplies, but but either way, i'm sure it will be appreciated. unfortunately, i haven't been so much in touch with them as i would like. i sent back an enthusiastic e-mail, but haven't heard back for a meeting and i'm beginning to doubt whether it was received at all.

i'm still laboring under the futile hope that some of my compositions, lost in the great computer heist of '04, may be recovered. one of my professors has a copy of the infamous kim essay, and i've e-mailed her to perhaps get ahold of it once again. unfortunately, she hasn't the faintest idea where it has been stored. (i'm impressed at the level of reverence she has for her students' work.) but she has moved office and everything is currently in storage. i'm going to wait until the building in which she kept shop is freed from the oppression of renovation and she is allowed to move back in before i accost her once again. chris has some of the others and i only need to wait for him to return home before i can get those back. he has a particularly brilliant piece i wrote about the fictional death of a tree, very inexplicably satiric.

my classes are going pretty well, i don't believe i did too horribly on my bio midterm and am bolstered by that new confidence to new heights of apathy. i've been keeping up in one of my english classes, but the other is just absurd. i am unwittingly becoming an expert on arthurian myth and i would like it to stop. one can only take so much, and the language in which most of these tales are written is unsupportable. my professor has the voice of kermit the frog, and the only thing that makes that class bearable is the united scorn of myself, yen, and several others with whom we have bonded. also, cross-word puzzles. one of that number is a tall, rather awkward engineer with whom yen has formed a particular bond. i find him rather difficult to talk to and i fear it might be from boundless shallowness. i rather hope that's not the reason. he keeps trying to convince yen, and by association, me, to go to a daria marathon at the triangle fraternity...well, tomorrow. now, though i am a large fan of daria - she was my unofficial hero for much of junior high - and feel a particular disaffected slacker affinity for jane, i really would rather pass on such an event, as would yen. i can only speculate on the level of awkward starting, being forced to make conversation in the frat house of jim. i can't say i've ever particularly been at ease there, but the rather back-door method of visiting his abode and seeing all his friends/frat brothers just seems a bit, well, horrid. plus, again, i'm not particularly easy around whats-his-name who invited us in the first place, so that won't be fun. and yen doesn't want to go.

i've been a bit of a shit and avoided social situations i anticipated would be uncomfortable that i really should have gone to. namely, blaize's birthday party. i do have a valid excuse that falls apart completely under scrutiny - i never learned his address, nor was i told when it would begin. of course, i could have called, but this is where my petulance comes in - so could they. i was in the apartment, actually enjoying myself i can gratefully say (or else this story would have just been pathetic), knowing i ought to go, not particularly wanting to and feeling mildly bitter that i wasn't being missed enough to be called. the next day, several people did im to ask why i wasn't there, but i really didn't feel much soothed - i was more irritated at their wondering how i possibly could not show up. it's an irrational fault. i felt bad for not going, especially since i've been craving a party for a while (mostly just getting drunk, actually), but that was ameliorated by the knowledge i would have to be in a room with few friends (mostly people i wasn't too fond of and some strangers) and kat wouldn't be present to act as a buffer.

kat's been sick for a week and a half now. ear infection then tonsillitis. i developed a little conceit that her heard was being eaten away from the inside out by bacteria. it had finally reached the surface first in her ear and throat, but soon her eyes would begin to decay as well. part of all of this was the mental image of her brain, resembling a shrunken mouldy orange (shriveled, white, lumpy) , suspended by an eroded stalk with cobweb-resembling filaments extending above. kindly, no? the water is back to normal here, so my germ-phobia fortunately only need extend in one direction now. i've been celebrating by wearing water colors again, today all in blue...with pigtails. i would consider myself terribly cute, except my skin has been rather poor of late - on my face and upper back. zits don't heal as they used to, either, leaving little dark shadows weeks after they've gone. almost makes me desperately want to exfoliate and i have to restrain myself from attacking my cheeks with a bath puff.

my laundry is still in a large pile on cynthia's bed, my wall has some lovely new decoration (periodic table of elements, and list of amino acids and their codons), we are out of milk, and i'm finding it difficult to beat the fortress in the forest of illusion (or whatever it's called) in super mario world. that's pretty much the news from here, i suppose with the exception of my deeper emotional state, wants or fears. but i'm sure no one wants to hear about all of that. hope that tides you over, greg. end.


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