February 18, 2005


i have come down with a cold that tortures me only in the mornings - i am well by noon. was woken up at 9 to the sounds of furniture squeaking against the ceiling. dirty furniture squeaking, so i began my day with the thought, "oh just fucking come, already." fell back asleep and woke up again to much more cheerful thoughts of sore throats and little mexican children. went to my community service meeting grounds to get a ride to the library. teachin' children to read. rain caused traffic and we were in the car nearly till time to return home. went to see body worlds 2 with kat and the sister. innaresting once more. saw one with a soccer ball, another with a fencing epee and was reminded of matt and jim, in turn. smiled a secret smile and thought it good that i have hate for neither of them, otherwise i'd be picturing them flayed. returned and read blake, the marriage of heaven and hell. made me want to scream, but somehow enjoyed it immensely. suegol visits tomorrow and i must show her a good time. amy is here and kat must show her a good time, ferrying her about to colleges. on speaking terms once again with kim, who is happy and sane. much relieved if not emotionally detached. expecting a package from matt - tantalizing mystery gift. pretty much it. righty. been craving amazon orders, ackerman purchases, borders trip. it's silly, i have plenty here to read. ah well.


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