January 21, 2005

vignettes of my week

i was just disturbed by the confusion whether the rumbling i heard was coming from my stomach or my speakers. speakers. thank god, but i had been rumbling just earlier. same tone, same dissatisfied growl. i'm going to go make a sandwich.

yesterday, in honor of bush's second inauguration, a word that reminds me of auger...and now some festering growth, the police were out in full force in westwood. dozens of bicycle cops and on horses. yen and i wandered about watching them in mild amusement. she was numb from dental surgery and slurring "pigs!" and "fight the man!" just loud enough for them to hear. i was carrying a twenty-pound sack of oranges and grinning. it was bizarre seeing piles of horseshit in the street among the mercades. yen's scared to death of animals. a horse walked by on the sidewalk and she hid in a doorway, whimpering. the cops and i had a good chuckle.

a few nights ago blaize found a photo of my mother, squirreled away in a dvd case and forgotten. he said something along the lines of "ooh, who's this?" kat looked over his shoulder and called out, "carla, what's a picture of your mother doing in here?" yeah, she was a hottie.

i was coming down from the roof and was waiting for the elevator like the slacker i am. i was looking over the railing down to the street and a hummingbird came to feed from the little clustered flowers inches in front of me. i leaned out and it flew away.

i didn't have class monday, i skipped school wednesday, i don't have class thursday. i went to class today and it felt novel, amusing. i felt like giggling while walking from bunche to moore.


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