January 08, 2005


blaize is back in our lives; back from spain, that is. i just walked in on kat and blaize making out on the couch. totally predictable. shit. you'd think they could think of something better after me and jim. oh well. awkwardness raised to new heights. whee. did see jim today. drank goldschalger in his room with the others mentioned here. hugged him hello as i was leaving and after i was sufficiently sloshed. he slapped my ass on the way out. nice. i'm not even sure i'm particularly well-disposed towards him at the moment, let alone willing to let him slap my ass.... more to follow. y'know...when i'm sober. and when i'm more resolved towards something, so...never. yeah.


At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"something better" after you and jim? hmph! consider it sweet sweet revenge for you and jim! And might i add - at least it's not like we were, say, all over each other while you were cooking in the kitchen, or messing around on YOUR bed while you were typing at your nearby laptop in the same small dorm room! Mmmhmm. Also it is rather obnoxious how everyone relishes in saying it was all so predictable, yada yada - so y'all saw it coming! such clever folk you all are! Have a fucking medal. Blah. :P


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