January 09, 2005

things to fear

killer mold.

the apartment that costs us more than it is worth is flooding. yes, for some reason it is raining in la. and evidently, the infrastructure of our building cannot take the osmotic pressure. water is seeping in through the windows and dripping from the ceiling. mostly in kat and roosh's room. i just have one little puddle near the head of my bed. go me. but this brings up a worrying thought. since everything in our apartment, or at least all of the perishable items we bring in, either mold or congeal within a set time - it's true! tested and proven - i'm afraid the permasoak the carpets have been enjoying is going to provide rich growth medium for several strands of flesh-eating killer mold. the kind of mold that multiplies without control, devouring everything in its path, growing overnight into a sentient blob that will uproot itself and come to terrorize each of us in our beds with waving massive hyphae tendrils and guttural fungal moans. another result of the water seepeage is that there is so much water in our apartment, liquid and gaseous states, that nothing here will fucking dry. so every time i go out, i must then strip off wet clothing and hang it to dry, an impossible feat. at this rate, i will run out of warm pants and be forced to sit for hours in the bathroom with a blow dryer, making sopping vestments wearable once again. the only place i can be properly warm now is in my own bed, but even then, i'm having trouble thoroughly heating it up. i don't know what it is, but i haven't been able to get as hot as i normally do. i miss being a tiny furnace (as i like to think of myself - my own little boiler). i'm considering just going out and buying another comforter, just for the season. (if i didn't freak out at the though of electric blankets, i would simply get one of those.) i've actually considered exercising just before bed in order to get the blood pumping, but that's about as likely as me convincing roosh to eat a hot dog (she's veg). but even then, as soon as i get out of bed, i start shivering like i'm in withdrawal. a deep, bone-shiver that originates in my spine and radiates outward through all my meat until i have goosebumps and i'm quaking like something's about to burst forth from under my skin. so simply, bring back my warm weather!!!! please! one way or another, my well-being depends on it!


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