January 06, 2005

the return

so now i'm back in la. sigh. i left without either of my parents being home, so it was a rather depressing sendoff, though i said goodbye to both the night before and they both called in the morning to wish me a good trip. i left a note: i love you, goodbye, i'll call when i get there, that sort of thing. packed up last night and then stayed up late trimming my fingernails, buffing them shiny. woke up in the morning, finished packing, showered, trimmed my toenails, ate breakfast, wrote a thank-you card to my grandmother for birthday and christmas checks ($25 each. thanks gram, for really stretching open that wallet), wrote the note to my parents and left. i felt amazingly organized, even though i was doing it all last possible minute. the drive down was nice. gorgeous once we hit the grapevine and dusk was falling through increasingly dark clouds in the direction of la, and gorgeous pristine white snow covering the ground in a broken sheet, broken by scattered scraggly black bushes, dense in areas and completely absent in others, creating a strange and confusing view of secondary selection (why was it not equally dispersed, why?) and a dark haze over the more distant hills. for some reason, the branched protrusions reminded me of the surface proteins on a cell's membrane. even when they're just in my head, my metaphors admittedly need some work. on the way down, i read a book of kat's guilty pleasures, and it certainly is one. a total fluff and shit novel, of course, but not a bad one at that. i enjoyed it. i'm thinking about tracking down the sequel. once here, we went to ranch 99 for much-needed veggies to sustain our culinary endeavors for another week. that, and ramen. for when we're not feeling all that culinary, really. so i am back and i have utterly no desire to unpack. or change my sheets, for that matter, though after all the dirtiness of finals, it really really is needed. it'll get done, no worries there, but i think i'm going to wait another day to clean up. also, go to the bank. also, get my books. also, well, anything else i deign needs to be done around here, because fortunately, though classes officially begin tomorrow, my thursdays are free. so i'll be spending it doing jack shit, suckers. well, not really, but still, nyeh.


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