January 12, 2005

now, remember folks, it's just my subconscious

alright folks, turn on your cliche detectors, because it's carla had an odd dream storytime huzzah!!

so: i was part of some sect of wizards (yeah, i know, how geek), living in a small hermitage-like enclave. little white cottage, dark wood gables, little stone-walled garden, in a valley. big perfectly green hills rose up behind it in massive rolling waves. the first other settlements were on the second hill from us. we were all students, and i was first, apart from the master (an elderly white man, of course). now, by powerful, i don't quite mean the power to move things or heat things, etc, though i suppose those were what the powers were, but it was more along the lines of mental force. it isn't as if i was greatly powerful move mountains sort, it was just a very concentrated mentality that could get things done, and mine was more concentrated than the other students. now, we lived in pretty close contact with the land, gardening, potting, and doing the rural thing, as that was how the master preferred to teach. but in the hills above our little valley sanctuary, there was trouble. *cliche alet* people were losing touch with the land and were becoming meaner and more self-absorbed. closed off. some of the other pupils went to see what was happening and failed to return, so i went out with another group to see what was up. i ran into the others in a large hall, dome-topped windows all along one side, a large stone table down the center with high-backed chairs. m__ (from middle school) was there among the others. he had been my second in the (magic) school but had been turned, along with the others by whatever the corruptive force in the mountain villages had been. began mocking our teacher's methods, saying that he was old-fashioned in his dedication to working the earth and that he was really holding us back from our potential power with his narrow-minded rurality. of course, i have to mention that the corruptive changes in the mountains were related to the growth of cities, factories, thick black smoke, the whole lot of industrial-age evils. so, m__ threatened us, spoke of a new-found power or something. we fought and he mopped the floor with me. not in the literal lord of the rings wizard battle sense. he dominated my physically and mentally. he did something like grab onto a shining glass plate in my mind - it was colored purple and pink on the outside and was made of other layers - blue and green - underneath. he somehow, grabbed this with a mental force, not a hand or anything and started squeezing it until it started cracking, causing me mental agony. i tried to fight back physically, but he had grabbed me with superior force there, as well. he and his turned cronies offered for us to join, i refused to protect the others and assuring myself that i had been the stronger in school, fought with michael again. he grabbed me again, beside the wall of windows and i was in agony slack and drooling from the pain. i had no choice but to yield and take the mental beating and watch my mental glass being sheared. confident that he had me beat, m__ released me. when he did so, one of the others who had turned, a female - much less menacing said to me - "you have the bluest sky he's ever seen." and then i, along with the second group, was released. and i knew it was because i would have to give m__ my blue somehow - but i had no idea how and i was scared. he was just toying me until he could get what he wanted from me, but i knew that the reprieve gave me an opportunity, limited, sure, to figure out how to beat him. ...and then i woke up. i can't even begin to know what it means. *sigh* i'm hoping the theme of the betrayal by friends is not indicative of something. seriously. but it was still a pretty cool dream, heh. and now, "you have the bluest sky he's ever seen," goes along with, "the cold, like the devil, turned his head by degrees," as an inexplicably significant dream phrase.


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