January 02, 2005

making up for lost antics

i'm finally feeling better, well enough to go out even. granted, that is, apart from the symptoms i'm feeling better. cough still coughing, mucus still oozing, but i'm spry and full of life. which is why i just got back from kat's house where i'd been playing video games for the better part of three hours. ha-haaa!! what's sad is, i got so hopped up on adrenaline (i'm not very good, you see) that by the end i was sort of quivering. like a chihuahua in the cold. also, i had to pee a lot, but that was because i made the popular decision to keep myself well-hydrated. i hope... it'd be sad if i were that excited. it was a big day today, actually. i went to the mall. (um-hmm! yep that's right!) i bought some very cool wool ass-pants, a shirt that's purple, and a tank-top. i also bought the rest of kat's christmas present. yen and i went to all sorts of stores, tried on many things, and we were shameless in sample-grubbing at see's candies. and then i went home and mom made crab cakes for dinner, which i've been asking for because i've never actually had them, but they sounded like good things. they were good things! after that, mom, kat, and i went to borders and spent ages looking around and mocking titles. i bought a book called vurt; the cover is terribly colorful. and we returned home. that's how i finally ended at kat's house, shaking like a very excited leaf. tomorrow, i'm going to see life aquatic and then rent some movies with kat and watch. maybe i can get someone to go to sf with me on monday. ooh! and my favorite shoe store opened up near my home, replacing a children's clothing store. i wanna go there and maybe buy something. (i'm soo trying to cram in a full winter break into the last 4 days i have home.)


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