January 03, 2005

it's rainin' joy

suegol and i went to see life aquatic which i terribly loved, though i can't tell you why, exactly. very cool, though. i liked it better than royal tennenbaums, even. i don't know exactly, the styles were very similar, after all, but i just liked this one much more. i think maybe because in this, even though the characters were all pathetic figures in their own rights, they still managed to find a true cohesion, making them more likable than royal and his clan. i dunno, i'm talking out my ass, really. i can decisively say that portuguese david bowie singin' man was the soul of all that rocks and i would like to maybe quietly hand him an elaborate flower (an orange lily or an orchid or something) while passing him on the street one day. i must remember to keep one of those handy at all times in case the opportunity ever presents itself. i managed to slosh my way through a large puddle on my way into the theater - thoroughly moistening my socks for the remainder of the evening - while mocking suegol for being wussy and avoiding it. turns out...was much deeper than anticipated. sat in theater curled up in seat with shoes off. after, suegol came by for dinner - roast yum! - and then we met some people at starbucks and hung out in a large ring of chairs next to a fragrant homeless man with pizza. (as usual, i got the plush chair, ha! while everyone else was in wooden.) we were boisterous. shortly before closing, clarence and i had an impassioned conversation about why i hate ayn rand and plato, and how truly terrible national treasure and taking lives were. actually, really only my side of the conversation was very impassioned, but that's just because there topics really get me riled (fucking plato). went back home and mom fed me cider, then i headed to kat's to watch welcome back, mr. macdonald, a japanese movie i had seen ages and ages ago in theaters, desperately tried to find years later, and that was only recently released in the states. it's been on my amazon wish list for ages, but i never was enthusiastic enough about it to buy it. last night, i saw the dvd lying casually on kat's desk and flipped out. evidently, her sister had bought it, being a complete japanophile, and had recommended kat watch. aaah, kismet. it wasn't quite as good as i remember, though still quite funny. i am pleased. the remainder of my vacation is shaping up quite nicely, and if i make it out to san francisco, i'll have no regrets. but now, bed.


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