January 23, 2005

good night

i had another one my explorative treks around la last night, yay! let me tell you about it!!

let us begin at 6:45, when i first headed out. met sadaf on a street corner at the bottom of the dorms and headed into westwood. generic good fun time - we went to see life aquatic. it was wonderful, as it ought to have been, and she loved it. i really dig when the people i like dig the things i know they'll enjoy. convoluted. so lemme say, "i knew she'd like it." returned to the apartment. greg called me while i was in the movie, but didn't leave a message or answer when i called him back. huffy. there was a man on the street corner with puppets. adult puppets. very being john malkovich i don't know why i didn't stay and watch. i guess it's that most street performers frighten me a little. go figure.

phase 2. kat and i sat around a bit. i was drawing and reading le morte darthur. only around page 100, but really, i'm not expected to read all that much. we then headed to triangle, jim's frat, for what blaize had reported was a party. we got there and discovered blaize, jim, and their dullish female friends deep in the attempt to join the "century club," a rather inelite few who have the stamina and drunken dullness to sit around and take 100 shots of beer in as many minutes. we were greeted warmly and promptly ignored. we attempted to get drinks, but were loath to open our wallets. there was no one on the dance floor and we weren't drunk enough to be friendly to strangers. so we left. (without saying goodbye.)

phase 3. back at the apartment. kat is at her computer, i am laying on the back of the couch. there is a science art exhibit closing sunday, shall we go? we want to go. a bit more stalling and some sustenance and we are finally out the door. it is 1am.

phase 4. driving to south central. jokes in the car, we arrive and find the place packed. how awesome is it that we're going to a science museum at 1am? self-congradulation. the line to get tickets is half an hour long. the line to get into the exhibit? unmentionably lengthy. nearly everyone there is kind of gothy/punk. we finally get our tickets, using up all my cash, and are told it would be a better idea if we were to just come back at 3am. the tickets were time-sensitive, you see, and it was 1:30. so after much debate, we decide to drive around downtown. up one street, down another, onto the freeway, circling around chinatown, and back to the region of the museum. jokes about telling blaize and jim we left the party to drive around south central/downtown la. saw many cops. we stopped at a donut shop and kat bought me an apple fritter. she had a sprinkles and a maple frosted with tea. scorn for parked rice rockets. minority in "igniting chaos" (little white vehicle with silly name) tries to holla at us in the parking lot, eeeergh. finally back to the museum.

phase 5. the line is not nearly so long now - it begins inside, at any rate. we wait for another twenty minutes or so and finally get in. ooh! the exhibit was awesome. body worlds. scores of plastinated corpses set up and posed so you could see their various organ systems. i absolutely adored the ones that were of just the circulatory system, i kept wanting to exclaim, "that's bloody famous!" but can't because i'm not a brit. we were in the exhibit until 6am, and towards the end, i'm afraid we got a bit silly. penis jokes, and i couldn't stop laughing at the plastic aborted fetuses. but really, who wouldn't laugh when confronted with a disembodied testicle, suspended in the air along with the rest of a man's dissembled body parts by wires. so kat and i wandered around alternately sharing jewels of scientific wisdom with one another, and sharing a good giggle. oh! and i swear i saw a former child star - the kid who played the youngest son on home improvement. he was wearing elaborate pants. and evidently, a man who has died, been turned into plastic, and then displayed with his muscles splayed from his body, can be "brought closer to life" by placing a white straw hat on his head. thank you, museum literature, for bringing me one step closer to solving the mystery of reanimating dead tissue.

phase 6. drive back home and crash. stupid thought keep popping into my head like "if jesus was the 'lamb of god,' is it communion whenever you eat a lamb chop?" i hate going to bed when it's light. lights out, goodnight.


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