January 03, 2005

animal trim

today i got a haircut. my hair now is limited straight across the bottom, like a ruler line. had it washed first, and man i love it when other people wash my hair, brush it, or braid it. not sexy when it's an elderly asian woman who smells of broth doing it, but still, such a total sensuous pleasure. it's like being petted, purrrrrrr. i sat for ages with a wet head waiting for someone to come cut my hair, but they kept taking other, dryer customers before me. i got bored staring at the other people in the mirror. guy finally sauntered over and threw a plastic sheet around my neck, i was still sitting cross-legged in the chair. got a trim, and the man offered to blow dry it straight - i accepted. the fool. didn't he know that my hair cannot just be blow dried, it must be subdued, subjugated straight. it eventually took two people working furiously with flat irons to make me sleek like a cat. i was mortified. it hurt, them pulling my hair in two directions, with all the nicely straight-haired asians there to watch. oh the horror of curly hair in the land of the straight-haired asian. but now i'm all pretty. i love having straight hair. it's such a hassle to do, but afterwards i can run my hands through my hair without getting caught three inches in. mm, but now i'm all silky smooth. makes me feel like stalking something. feral. rawr. calvin likes my haircut. he stood up on his hind legs, paws on my shoulders, shoved his nose into my flowing locks, and nuzzled my skull. sweet little kitten, he loves being combed, too.


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