December 18, 2004

you look like a pink nightmare

finally back home. woke up and repacked my clothing, folding it nicely this time, because drunkards don't enjoy the added effort and expenditure involved in folding clothing. left the apartment a little late, getting to the airport slightly under an hour before my flight. got my boarding pass and promptly stood in the longest airport line ever. to get through security, you fist had to get through a wait that snaked outside the terminal, in front of a second terminal and then down the block a bit. took an age to get through, but arrived at the gate just in time to wait for them to begin boarding. about 2 min before takeoff time. on the plane i sat next to two perky chatty first-years. one commented on my book's cover - i had naked lunch open on my lap. so the first words i spoke to them were "well, it doesn't have much of a plot per se; it a series of writings by a man, uh, william s. burroughs, as he was on heroine, or coming off a trip, or in withdrawal." shocked silence. "oh um, nice." ee-hehe. i did end up striking a conversation up with the one next to me. discussed classes and major choices most of the flight. parents came to get me and i talked animatedly at them about many things. ate some peanuts absentmindedly, until i realized that peanuts were actually all i had eaten all day. i then had some soup. for some odd reason, both times i've come back, leprechaun has been on the sci-fi channel. festive. movie about a murderous diminutive man with a shoe fetish. i had been subduing the biggest urge to drive to the library since the second before the car pulled into the driveway. i'm excited about fun reading. which is all i can think i want for christmas, actually. (that and a plethora of dvd's. hint hint. eh eh. hint hint.) but i'd like to get things that aren't media. ...but what? help me! there have to be things i have yet to be able to live without. and, oh god, i also have to think of something reasonable to get my friends. and parents, too. yipes, let's not go through another little snap like last year. i grew bored some time after lunch and caved, drove to the library. got 3 books: crappy fantasy, hardcore drugs, and terribly intellectual. huzzah! i love the library. whenever i go there, i feel like a diva, with my literacy and college education(ing). it was a bit of silt in my eye when i tried to do the self-checkout and the machine read, "your library privilege has expired." privilege expired? noooo! bring back my privilege. i renewed without any trouble whatsoever and went off to borders to look around. i feel like queen at the library, but i'm so much more comfortable in a bookstore. the library is too enforced quiet, i feel like i'm being observed, like some sort of specimen. at borders, i wanted to buy several things, but nothing too burningly, so i returned home. cheapskate to the core. for dinner i had nummy mum-food. she made salmon and beets and yum yums and yule log for dessert. that's right, i have now officially eaten the most terrifyingly named holiday treat. yay for the yule! dad has been talking all afternoon about a christmas story. we have precious few traditions, this family of mine, but one of them is to watch that movie all morning and afternoon of christmas in a long loop. i wake up, come downstairs to find my father already on the couch. we debate shaking mother awake. i go into her room, put my face very near hers, and snuff air at her. then i wake her up with a series of gentle prods and shakes. she takes her time coming downstairs, where my father and i are waiting impatiently, and passes us, descending to the kitchen (hell's kitchen). she comes back ages later with brown grocery bags for wrappings and we set to the business of tearing open boxes. mom has the most, because i'm terribly generous. then me, then dad. he's impossible to buy presents for. after gift opening, mom makes pancakes, and dad and i watch a christmas story a couple more times. eee!! holiday homecoming! happy me. and i've figured out what i want for christmas. oh, not a Red Ryder Carbine Action, 200 Shot, Range Model Air Rifle. i want a kitty. get me a kitty! or, i guess failing that, dvd's.


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