December 14, 2004

why it hurts when i chew gum now

schedule last 2 1/2 days:
wake up -> study -> eat -> study -> poop -> eat while studying -> study -> sleep
wake up -> study -> eat -> study -> eat while studying -> poop -> take test -> watch a movie -> study -> sleep
wake up -> take test

now imagine that all the while, i was grinding my teeth.

2 finals down, 2 to go. i'm sure i have some stories from the past 2 days that are amusing or interesting or flan, but i got half an hour of sleep last night, tops. i spent the entiiiire night (save 30 min) reading reformation/restoration era poets. poem after poem after poem about god. they really loved their god. there was the occasional poem trying to wheedle some woman into bed and those i greatly appreciated. there was even one that was basically things you'd yell in a medieval strip club: "take off your girdle!" "now your breastplate!" "unlace your bodice!" "take off your dress!" "take off that shift!" (they knew the benefits of layering back then.) so i have to cram calculus into my already full brain tonight, then tomorrow i do behavior and then i'm done. i have plans to fall into a hedonistic orgy of sleep and bathing. i took my first shower today in days. i was craving a shower like a fat kid craves cake - a whole lot. i got to the point where i posted "someone come read poetry to me while i shower. because i reeeally want to shower!" on aim. it wasn't an idle threat, though. if someone had offered, i probably would have accepted at that point, i was so grimy. didn't help that i had been wearing the same pjs for all the time i wasn't bathing, and eating while holding a 5 lb. textbook isn't dainty. but i woke up from waay too short nap this morning and showered! i would have liked to wash my hair, but there just wasn't any time. i arrived a bit late for my final as it was, though that wasn't a big problem, i still finished early. i screwed up "volpone" and "lycidas." stupid, stupid! but otherwise it was peasy. so yeah, i'm stripping for bed as i write this. going to nap now. night!


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