December 28, 2004

turn your head and cough

i haven't posted for a couple of days, and that is because i'm sick. for the past several days, i haven't gone out once. i managed to make it to the library before the second wave of sickness, which just means that now, norman mailer is pouting pitiful looks up from my floor. "how could you?" i've been staying in and slothing it up. watching tv and cocooning in blankets. why? because i'm sick. it's the perfect excuse to not change my clothes for days and to drink hot soup all over the house. why can't i go out? i'm sick. sniffles and sore throat have turned into a cough, exacerbated by cold air. my parents freak out when i try to leave my house. "you'll get more siiiiiick!!!" i'm okay with that, so long as i get waited on. hahah. ugh. i'd like to go out, i'm bored in here. *sigh*


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