December 11, 2004

study duddy

inarticulate groans are all i really want to emit at the moment. it's been a lovely couple of days weather-wise. unseasonably mild. sunny, warm breeze. horrible study weather. and i've been shit at focusing. (case in point.) it turns out i have a midterm every day mon-thurs. at least they're not doubled-up? today i woke up late, slowly downloaded the powerpoint slides from my bio lectures and got ready. kat and i finally stepped out, on our way to some mystery study grounds where there are benches and grass and outdoor outlets as far as the eye can see. bose speakers rise from the ground and play classical music all day and the birds and squirrels bake you snacks. halfway out to the street, we run into our apartment manager, who tells us the roof is lovely and you can see all the way to the ocean. kat and i looked at one another and proceeded back into the building, not nearly eager enough to search out the mythical fields of studiousness. the roof was lovely, though. light breeze playing, perfect quiet, comfy seating under beach umbrella, fiona apple playing on the ipod set quiet, jazzy mood. there were outlets within reasonable distance from the table and it was close enough to home that we could always run down and get food and sweaters. unfortunately it was already quite late by the time we got up there, and it soon grew dusky. to one side, the horizon quickly faded into brown-grey clouds of smog. yellow, green, blue, red, orange striated haze rose up in a grossly mimicd sunset. to the other side was the coast, where a real sunset burnt the sky and glistened on the distant water. returned to the apartment singularly unproductive, and fixed dinner. finally sat down to read, and i've written nearly 2 pages of notes. i have 3 chapters to read tonight and 3 tomorrow, i've done maybe a third...of a chapter. i'm fucked, royally fucked, yet i'm astonishingly calm. and distracted. i had better go.


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