December 06, 2004

running water is great, hot and cold running water - bliss!

i just took the most luxurious shower. it's a cold, crisp day and the water was so warm and steamy. i lathered my hair up high with a thick shampoo and then combed it out smooth with conditioner. i exfoliated with a lavender-mint scrub that was cool after the scalding water. then i shut off the stream and shaved, using cream for once, up and down, with my sharp steel razor. it's hefty and takes real razor blades, no guard wires, no self-lubricating action, no clogging with hair, just strong and well-designed. you have to go slowly with one of these or you may cut yourself, and that's exactly what i ended up doing. i caught both knees and my right achilles and i knew it would sting like hell later. at the very least, cuts like these bleed for ages, so i finished up oozing blood from tiny gashes. when i turned on the water to wash everything away, there was blood and foam and silt from the exfoliant all over the bottom of the tub, and i thought it was all very elemental and poetic. i rinsed off and washed the conditioner from my hair. washed my face, brushed my teeth for that feeling of all-over clean and stepped out of the shower. i dried myself off, wrapped up my hair, put in one of my little bullet-shaped tampons, and put on some panties. i proceeded to give myself a pedicure like that, buffing my little toenails until they gleamed. i then dried my hair until it curled and bounced and fiercely moisturized until my skin could take no more moisture. manicure then, buffing like one obsessed, moisturized hands and feet, moisturized face, put on chapstick, pulled back hair and i was blissed-out clean 'n happy. i wouldn't consider myself a terribly vain person if you were to ask. i like my looks, but i wouldn't say overly so. i can resist staring at myself if there's a mirror in the room quite well, thank you. that said, this was an amazing indulgence and i would do it again in a heartbeat if it weren't so terribly time-consuming. there is something to be said about an obsessive orgy of hygiene, products and fragrances mingling wantonly with the scalding hot steam and then swirling down the drain. hee! the only thing that could top this off would be a massage. mmm.... i can totally see why some people do spa days.


At 3:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmm...fragrances mingling wantonly with the scalding hot steam and INTENSE OVERPOWERING ODOR OF CURRY! OH THE CURRY! *Gasp* *Choke*

We should do a spa day over break!! Though...something tells me the spas down here are probably a little more snazzy than anything we could find in ol' birkenstock bay area.

looka me! i commented! just you wait, even though i'm a non-competitive pacifist, I WILL SO WIN THIS COMMENT CONTEST THING AND YOU WILL LOVE ME BEST AGAIN!


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