December 14, 2004

petulant malfeasance

help me, i'm bored! i'm now thinking i would rather drop my calc class, wasting all the time i spent studying and doing homework and going to class, rather than take my final. i've been bored while studying before, nothing new there, and i've lacked motivation before, but i'm tired and disinterested and my head hurts. while cramming for bio a couple of days ago, i ended up researching the lives of aleister crowley, l. ron hubbard, and black bart for my own amusement, rather than focus on the material at hand. today's distractions have been much less quirky - i watched liar liar and a medical drama on television, rather than learn about reimann sums. i would, as last night, just like to shower and sleep. *cries* i can't even binge properly. every time i try and bake cookies in our toaster oven, they come out extremely soggy in the center. it like they cryin.' today, i attempted an elaborate scheme to remove the cookies halfway through cooking, flip them over on the sheet and finish the baking. they turned out as soggy as ever. so when i tried to then remove them from the tray and toast them to dry the centers out a bit, one disintegrated and fell through the rack onto the heating element of the toaster oven. i had to scrape partially liquefied cookie dough off the bottom of the oven with a spatula, while trying to hide the fact that i had screwed up from my roommate, who is prone to laughing at me for such foolish faux pas. i have also run out of toothpaste 4 days before i am scheduled to return home. i went through an entire moral dilemma whether to simply buy a tube or mooch off of kat until i went home. i could get a travel size just to hold me over for the next couple of days, but that is highly uneconomic, as i would be mostly paying for the packaging, not the tiny amount of colgate in the tube. shamefully, i must admit, thrift has won out over any sort of practicality and i will be sneaking my toothpaste from my roommates' bathroom late at night. and now i avoid calculus with poorly-timed blog entry. but i don't wanna learn any more!!


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