December 11, 2004

panties and parties

grace (who i haven't seen in a year and a half) and shahin drove up to visit today. they've finished classes, damn sd, and are staying the night with yen.

yen and i, impatient for their visit, went to dinner and then wandered about westwood for shopping and the like. around the way, we ran into tamara and made jolly with her around urban outfitters. i got a cute pair of knickers and a matching bra. translucent puce mesh with dark purple lace around the edges - a much better color combination than it sounds, trust me. i've been wanting a matching set for a while. they are adorable, i think they make my ass look amazing (boycut, yay!) but they really scream for...uh, hairlessness. a prospect so painful even in theory that strong coercion would be needed to make me just consider it. (*shudder* regrowth.) they also have seams in rather unusual places, diagonal right across the nipple? straight up from the crotch? it looks like bizarre enforced modesty and insta-camel-toe. haha, despite their cuteness, i have a bit to get used to with them, i guess. i've been wanting a nice set of matching undies for a while, damn you postmodern courtesan, touting the virtue of sexy lingerie sets. so for the rest of the evening, i was walking around with my new undies in my coat pocket.

finally shahin and grace arrived, and gloria, sadaf, and steph showed up in honor of the visit. we all went out again for food. i had cake! and sat around watching rodeo in the restaurant, and commenting loudly on everything that came to mind. i have to admit i was a bit of an attention whore, talking loudest, over people, constantly. but, i was also being pretty clever, so i think i redeemed myself. (i totally won the conversation. haha.) i love sitting around bullshitting loudly with my friends - a good time. and very mentally stimulating, we discussed everything from the virtues of older star trek casts to onion rings. we sat around for quite a while, prompting multiple checks from wait staff to see if we were satisfied, we were. reminisced about home. the brilliant characters such as "walrus man" and "crazy skate man" that populate our home town. eventually walked back, and split up to go to our respective places to get in some before-bed learning.

of course, the first thing i did when i got back was try on new dainties - was dying to all evening. then i changed into pj pants and a sweater - yes, that's all. (hah! so naughty, so indulgent!) and blogged about it all. i think i'll break out the reformation literature in a moment and play catch-up for my lit class. whee-oo! good night.


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