December 09, 2004

new an' improved

i've had a terrible craving for something new of late. i find myself logging off aim suddenly and then logging back in, in the hopes that something will have changed when i wasn't looking. i need to meet new people. it's not exactly that i've grown bored of the ones i have, but those dynamics really aren't going to change, or else i never see them, etc. etc. etc. i'd really not like to make any specific complaints at this point as i'm just over whining about these things.

i need something new.

i did get a new e-mail address: contact me there, now. i finally got on g-mail. haha, the first time i tried it, i couldn't think up a name, and my invite expired. this time i was much more prompt, though. i do have to admit that i stole the name from a shakespearean sonnet (127, it's in one of my earlier posts). although i was greatly disappointed that i could not be entirely accurate; the line is actually "sland'ring creation," but g-mail will not allow apostrophes.

another new development: i have discovered creating "competition" between my friends makes my life sliiightly more dynamic. never have so many people posted (granted, they have never been able to in the past), as when i inadvertently made it into a contest. though, i am now getting complaints on my imposed lack of capital characters in this blog. kat has even threatened to break my template...or something vaguely technologically over my head.

speaking of technologically over my head...i was roped into helping an old man fix his computer yesterday. somehow having gotten it into my mind that i ought to go into westwood to scan the pages or research i copied from a scientific journal in order to hand them in in a clean format, i headed down yesterday. ended up in the copy place near in-n-out. i made my scans, and the proprietor asked me, in faulty english, to help him fix his computer. it was terribly lagged with spyware that managed to completely disable the internet browser for any activities other than receiving pop-up ads. i fiddled around on it for close to an hour, i was in a hurry to get back and finish my paper, after all, before i gave up in disgust. the machine was so absurdly slow, it took five minutes to recover after i deleted a file. it also did not have enough memory to open two file windows simultaneously. now, while i consider myself technologically competent, i am by no stretch of the imagination the best person to perform such a task. but i felt bad for the man. and he bought me a starbucks bottled frap. i had meant to stop by and get a warm coffee on my way home...but oh well. but if you're clever and have a bit of extra time, go down and fix that man's computer. i feel bad for him.

the same day, kat and i went out to eat - a new experience for me, as i had never been there, and they actually expected us to cook our own dinners on a little grill in the middle of the table. the food was quite delicious, though, and it has been ages since i have eaten beef. very pleasant.

today i discovered the joy of eavesdropping on people while walking around campus. i forgot my expensive yuppie icon - the ipod - in the apartment when i left for class, and though i paused at the door, i decided to trundle on without it. while walking about i heard some rowdy gents discuss a. selling meth in sacramento, and b. pretending to like the same things girls like in order to more swiftly pick them up. obviously i missed some portion of the conversation in there, as i could not for the life of me describe the correlation.

i also signed up for new classes next quarter. i'm taking two classes about british lit. it turns out i may not be able to declare my new english minor at all, not unless i can prove i have enough units. well, mother fucker.

so, evidently there are many new and novel developments in my life. though none of them are terribly exciting. i'd appreciate anyone who would want to come and visit me. send me an e-mail, a muffin basket, anything really. something to take the edge of boredom away. of course finals are rapidly looming. that's new. and it's difficult to be simultaneously bored and anus-distendingly stressed. maybe i do have something to look forward to.


At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on taking a walk (even if you were actually going somewhither) without an ipod. I always read when I walk, but sometimes I need to just look up and watch the world, listen to the world. It doesn't say much, but it's uplifting. Then again, I'm in upstate New York and you're in LA; I don't think I'd ever bother to look up in LA. But then again, you got to listen to guys talking about selling menth in Sacramento.

If you were trying to figure out how that was related to the other topic, I can conclude that I must annoy you somewhat. They themes were probably entirely unrelated, and the guys were jumping from topic to topic like I do. The second of these testifies to the guys' intellectual needs. I, personally, would never do something like that simply because the girl I would end up picking up would have utterly unrelated interests, and I would be bored. I understand that evolution demands that people be more interested in getting laid than in being interested, but I prefer patronizingly philosophizing about this phenomenon to joining it.

Now that I have written something this long here, I will skip today in my own journal, and most likely won't post anywhere again until Monday. It is, after all, finals week.


At 4:30 PM, Blogger Moriarty said...

greg, i'm now afraid that the ability for you to comment is only going to inspire you to analyze my life more fervently than i do. i'm okay with that, but forgive me if from now on, i respond to most of your posts simply with laughter.


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