December 24, 2004

deck the halls with wads of tissue


still sick. showed up an hour an' a half late for work, stayed for only an hour an' a half. i was walking around in a kind of stupor when i got there, but the pressure of helping the long lines of customers snapped me out of it enough to function. i was doing well but then i sort of just crashed - throat really hurt, exhaling steam, a bit wobbly on my feet. at least when i'm sick i don't wish that i were better. of course, i can't really, as my mental functions lack the sort of sophistication needed to have a second thought beyond, "i feel like crap." the library was closed again today, so on my drive home i was unable to pick up books. i don't want to read executioner's song while i'm not feeling well. it's going to get me all heavy with moral questions and murders and the death penalty. fear and loathing in las vegas can only tide me over so long, as well, before i get all freaky-deaky reading it. got home, snapped at mother, shed my clothing and everything i was carrying where i was standing and went to bed. i've woken up in a considerably better mood. at least i have plenty soup and warm drink. so i can fluctuate in health here, in peace. happy christmas, y'all.


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