December 18, 2004

classy dame

got back from the nutcracker at royce tonight. $25 for a student ticket and i highly recommend the show to those of you still in la. it's an entirely different story arc than the classic nutcracker. takes place in an orphanage and then fantasy candy realm of joy and brightly colored dancers. was actually quite lovely and the costumes and scenery were spectacular. v. cute. were sort of going to go see life aquatic afterwards. didn't end up doing that, though. came back and made oudon, instead. and now...i'm drunk. about two/three hours ago, i was drinking wine and eating a poptart. now i'm drunk and playing prince of persia. i have no awareness of what i'm saying and i'm happy. i've also drunken aimed nate, who is such a sweetheart, i'm sure he won't mind. and now, i've drunken packed. it took a minute to pack clothing for 3 weeks. it only took so long because i was stumbling between my dresser and the duffel bag on my bed. ahaha! no one should ever have to pack for a trip sober. folding? no...fuck that. i'm about to fall over. i've had 3 mugs of wine. am i a featherweight? prolly. do i get cuddly when i'm drunk? certainly. come give me lovin.' god, i'm tripsy.


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