December 21, 2004

california christmas

i realized, some point after having gotten home that i had forgotten to bring sweetheart, my stuffed koala from childhood. i feel bad leaving her/him in la (i never was able to settle on a gender for the thing). was feeling a little lonely the last couple of days, cooped up inside with my parents. sad lonely. but today was grand. woke up a bit insomniac in the middle of the night. lie awake lazily thinking dirty things until i was able to drift off again. then the alarm (cell phone) rang. i left my proper clock in la, so i had to set my cell phone's ringer. i know my useless clock would have gone off sporadically throughout the night for no apparent reason, anyways. i got up, eventually, and readied myself for work. then i drove to work, and guess what?! i was less late then has become customary for me! off to a good start! so we were terribly slammed all day, and i wrapped things and it was good, and i helped customers and i was useful, and i ran the register and i was efficient. at some point, i had to head outside and move my car around as it's 3 hour parking and i saw a dead pigeon. this is not the first dead pigeon i have seen in that parking lot and i find it a bit disturbing. the first one was worse - the bird was lying on its back and looked like it had been split in half right along the sternum. cracked open like a ripe walnut. it was unnerving. the one today was dead, lying ventrally. feathers everywhere. not nearly as gruesome. walking back to the store, i commented on my encounter of the dead avian kind to my coworker's daughter, in my typically overly-ebullient way. now, this coworker is the most obnoxious woman i know. her voice is a plaintive whinny, her hair is cropped short and dyed a faintly orange brown, she wears maroon plastic glasses and sweaters. she is overbearing and put-upon, i grind my teeth when forced to interact with her. fortunately, this is rare, as she is usually working in classy china shop, while i am down and dirty in the cookware store unpacking boxes and ringing up hordes of people. but she has a daughter - mia, who i disliked instantly for any resemblance in character she bears her mother. and of course, being me, but today, not having seen her for months, and now working with her i felt...civil. so i made friendly talk. mentioned dead birds in melodramatic way. she mentioned my hair, i mentioned ingrid (pleasant co-worker) and my mother (mum) hated it. we talked more of dead bird - omen, caused by being at work...bad hair...boring tasks. wait, did she throw bad hair in there? she did! fuck! the rude bitch, here i am being friendly, and she throws in a backhanded comment like that. i knew i was right in disliking her. i called her on it in a laughing way, but was really quite put off by her rudeness. maybe she thought because i was being friendly and simple, she couple do that, but even when i'm being a twit, i expect respect from acquaintances and co-workers. friends can be rude, often are; enemies can be rude, expected to be; acquaintances are forbidden from being assholes. i don't know why. but needless to say, she's no longer on the civil end of the conversation stick. (i know, i'm bad at metaphor.) so i had day at work. at another time, i was outside walking around the people-strewn sidewalks. saw one woman on my lunchbreak, two children running about, one in a stroller and pregnant. a breeder. saw a child unattended on the sidewalk and had the strongest urge to "fake" kidnap him. grab him as i walked past down the street, start running, go maybe half a block, put him down, laugh, and tell him to go back to his mommy. it turns out boss wanted me to stay until 8; i had only expected to stay till 6. so i told everyone that i was sorry, but i couldn't stay, i had promised mom to return and go christmas shopping with her. so i left at when i thought was 6. got into the garage and realized it was 5:30, not 6:30. did mom not reset the car clock? wait, my watch says the same thing...and cell phone. i forgot how to tell time, i left work early! crud.

discussed presents with the parents. shared a pre-dinner glass of brandy with father. ate dinner, went out with mother. we went to mervin's and bought father handkerchiefs and pj's. he gets cotton products for christmas. that, and liquor. then sadaf called, and i went ice skating with sadaf and suegol and michelle and shahin. it was fun! a glorious sparkly winter wonderland for only $12 in downtown san jose. the ice skating rink had an outer loop and an inner portion. between the two was a ring of palm trees covered in white tinkle lights! only in california - palm trees in an ice skating rink. now, at some point during the last week of school, i ran into jim...on roller blades. now, afterwards, i started mocking him about the rollerblades. first off, there are few things he could have been doing that would have inspired more mischievous desire to do him harm. especially in hilly westwood. wanted to roll him into the street. wanted to grab him by the waistband and hold him struggling in place. he already was comically having trouble getting uphill. well, later i was mocking him for his retro, inelegant hobby and proclaimed that i, personally, couldn't rollerblade due to my tragically dainty ankles. fast forward a week, and i'm struggling on ice skates, my dainty ankles caving in, too spindly to remain easily upright. poetic justice. laced 'em tighter, and was alright. i had a blast, though. afterwards we went to donut shop teenage hangout and ran into all my joyous friends. it was fabulous, i loved being surrounded by all my people. and i ate an apple fritter suegol payed for. had clarence drop me off at home and returned to get to bed. work tomorrow. *sigh* happy.


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