November 15, 2004

perhaps i should switch to tea

rather than study, i've spent the last few minutes polling my friends on various amusing endings to the phrase "i like my coffee like i like my men..."

yen always declares "BLACK!"
chris came up with "ground up and in the freezer," and i adore.
jim thought up "irish," which i think is just blatant self-promotion.
i'm accustomed to saying "milky pale and weak" (which i suppose is another way to say "irish." haha dis!)
and when i'm feeling in a gourmet mood, "passed through the intestinal tract of a weasel."
and kat and i, i just remembered, came up with "with a spoon in them" the other day. though she assures me it's from dressed to kill. rather enigmatic, that one, i believe.
kat would generally say "strong, black, and hot," which is a bit standard, i think. but i like "dark and bitter," as she describes that as emo and i'd like to think of coffee being such.
she also thought up, "americano," but that's too nationalistic for my tastes.
i like "vanilla," but only because i've got a bit of a kink, so i think it's funny. (chris says "ooooohh! that sounds like fun!")
along those lines, matt thought up, "with whipped cream on top." and, of course, i had to one-up him with, "with mini-marshmallows in." kat says that sounds horribly sexually deviant. so much for the vanilla, then.

so if you've got any other responses, i'd like to hear them. if only to distract me from my studies. and all this came about when i was trying to fix myslef a cuppa to keep me awake through the long dredge. bio midterm, i'll be so pleased once you've come and gone. then i can relax by enjoying a nice, hot shower and avoid this whole trouble entirely.


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