November 27, 2004

mother did my laundry

so sure enough, here i am at home and clacking away on my brand new baby, sweet little laptop. now, this sweet little machine cost me, personally, close to $2000, wireless hub, extra ram, and new computer lock included. oh yes, now this little darling is never going to go unchained from a stout piece of wood when i'm not present. (if only that worked with men, as well. rowr.) i went to the mall yesterday and got this brand new little beauty and more in thite the wallet-emptying excursion. i also bought: rocking new tie-band watch from fossil ($65); 2 nail kits with buffer, cuticle oil, and lotion at mother's behest ($40); and got a new cell phone, though that was free with phone plan. so not only was it a day of new electronics, it was, uncharacteristically, a day that i had very few reservations about opening the ol' pocketbook. i guess once you've spent an assload of cash in one place, any more seems reasonable. let us just say that i have no plans of getting robbed again any time soon. also, i'm whoring myself out this summer to make back the money.

this vacation has been fabulous, though. let me start from the beginning. the ride up with kat was fairly uneventful. we left about 8:30 wednesday night after recycling all the plastic containers in other apartments' bins. last time we attempted this, we were hit on then yelled at by a drunk tennant who liked to keep his recycle bins free of foreign menace. the xenophobic alkie called down from balcony, "uh, dudes, could you just take it out again?" once he noticed our bag in his upturned bins. kat argued with him while i freaked out at the unwanted conflict. this time, i hung back, acting as timid "lookout," trying very hard to look unaffiliated with crazy girl running into open garage across the street to drop off bags. once we had done our part for the environment and i had declared ballsey katherine my hero, we set off. hit traffic almost as soon as we got on the highway and lasted well through the valley. stupid valley. kat was exhausted from nearly-all-nighter the night before and long day bereft of naps. we stopped at some booney roadside mcdonald's where she had fries and a shake and i realized that drinking shake through a straw is actually terribly unattractive. i mooched her fries and we were back on the open road. went for a couple more hours with light conversation and light napping. stopped at a roadside booney in-n-out and i had a cheeseburger and a strawberry shake while kat slept in the car. tried hard to distract myself from what i was sure was an unattractive slurping to any casual observer. kat woke up feeling refreshed and i felt slightly greasy and syrupy. i have no idea what i thought or said for the rest of the trip, but hours later, at the outskirts of san jose i started to get giddy. by the time i saw my familiar freeway exit, home streets, and finally driveway, i was bouncing with joy. got back to the house at about 3am and gave a bit of a squeal when i saw my dad at the top of the stairs (partly because he had snuck up on me in the dark). put my things down and gave both parents big hugs. got a bit of an "appropriate bedtime" lecture, an often-reprised favorite, and got ready for bed, myself.

the next morning i woke up, as is customary, at 2. i showered and watched a bit of television before, sooner than expected, i was asked to set the table for dinner. thanksgiving dinner! there was turkey, stuffing (stuffing!), peas, mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, hawaiin rolls, and sacher torte for dessert (birthday cake!). my parents always supply me with sparkling apple cider because i'm not fond of wine. we sat about and gorged ourselves, and when it was through, i realized i could probably eat all i had consumed once more over. that night i joined yen, sadaf, and...some other people (they went to my high school but we never really spoke) at donut wheel for gossip and catching up. the table declared that the dye in my hair was unsuiting and i pouted. steph came by with an eyebrow ring so as to be more distracting and for that i thank her. then lj stopped by completely at random with her boyfriend and i made big happy noises. hadn't expected to see her until christmas so i was very pleased. (squeal!) we chatted a bit, but i was expeccted home by 1, so i left sooner than i would have liked.

the next day, i woke up at 1...or possibly 2, and showered and ate (thanksgiving sandwich: turkey, gravy, stuffing, lettuce, mayo). then went to mall. aaaah!! finally parked and went in. bought laptop, etc. i was glowing and very nice to the sales staff. scary nice. i'm never nice - i get timid. went home, dinner was leftover thanksgiving, then i met my friends at a japaneese restaurant, where i finished off sadaf's dinner. we all moved to starbucks, shahin left and a couple of thers joined us, and we sat about and gabbed for a while. yen's friend came, and we discovered she went to harker, where many old middle school chums ended up for high school. weell, turns out they were throwing a party, so she called and got us invited, so we drove up to saratoga to posh area and crashed a harker party! ooh, it was a scary blast from the past; sadaf was thrilled. michael was there, drunk as hell (he touched my ass! i was groped by childhood friend! it was so surreal!!!); and julia, cousin to clever greg in cornell to whom i've spoken more since being introduced than her; and rebecca; and paul; and jessie, who is a year older and a friend of kat's. the party was fun, but every single one of us was driving at some point that night, so no one could drink, even though the liquor flowed free and heavy. got back home just past midnight and stayed up installing things on my laptop until dad started yelling.

today i really did wake up at 1, showered, dressed, the usual. had more turkey for breakfast. went with mother to the lexus dealer to get the batteries in the remote door lock things changed and brought along the faere queene to read because, although it was assigned thee weeks ago, i still haven't finished. we stopped at the library, where i couldn't find the book i wanted, and returned home to play with my laptop more and watch tv. had the first meal that wasn't leftover fowl - salmon, rice, and asparagus - mmm. the rest of the evening will probably be spent with spenser in the pages of norton and dense verse. hopefully, i'll finish in time to go out, but even if not, i've had a fabulous vacation. i'm so content. don't make me go back...


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