November 22, 2004

it's my party

birthday antics over, oh sigh. it was a lovely birthday, after all. only a couple of disappointments to cast a shadow, but it was a shadow at noon, small and you could only see it if you looked down. stayed up much too late every night this weekend.

friday, i waited for my birthday to come. rexy imed me as the first birthday well-wisher and kat was in the apartment to show me affection. i nagged matt until he remembered what the occassion was. woke up at 3 saturday to calls from both parents, separately, for more birthday love. ims from suegol and steph were waiting for me and then suegol called. then i imed chris, who also forgot the big day and he told me he loves me, rather than wishing me a birthday. (no excuse for him, his birthday is four days earlier. he really ought to have remembered.) when roosh got back, she tackled me with congradulations. literally tackled me. visited sadaf in the dorms and got my gifts (very cool, thanks you guys!!), then kat and i went to 'lissa's and i got drunk and we watched girly movies and baked cookies and i gave myself a facial. got back to the apartment late, avoided the impulse to drunk dial, and stayed up with kat to watch buffy. finally today, yen, sadaf, and 'lissa came over, some of us supped of sushi and we baked cheesecake and watched practical magic. roosh was unable to join.

i dunno, so i was pretty pleased with my friends' level of response and the affection i got. one person was rather conspicuously absent, though, oh guess who...jim. haven't seen him since friday a week ago, hadn't talked to him since late thurs, while i was feeling bitchy, as it was terribly late and i still had a lot of work to do. he had actually blown me off for catching a movie earlier that day. (national treasure) bad excuse for snark, but whatever. so no jim around for the birthday and finally today i was able to speak to him. online. invited him to come get some of the cake later, once it was made, he declined. said he had to study. so after such the long time no see, more time no talk, i wasn't sure whether it was some deliberate slight or coldness or something equally as unpleasant. so i asked "should i be hurt by this?" to which he responded "i'm sorry. don't be hurt. i just have a lot of studying to do." alright, so i had ignored him for the week and a half before that, the the previous week, as well, when i had my own midterms, but still, this makes me a bit sad. it is by birthday, after all. but i'm not going to sit around and feel wounded now, if anything, i'm too pleased about the combination of my birthday and the joy of thanksgiving to come to worry about ambiguous relationships with boys. *little pout*

lovely birthday joy.


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