November 14, 2004

chilly down

epididymis last night reminded me of sir didymis and i wanted to watch labyrinth. oh, the glorious logical leap from penis anatomy to favorite childhood flick, but then again, i've been all nostalgic of late. except without so much of the tender sentiment. put movie on just now while kat makes dinner. had the urge to make crepes, but i just finished the last of the milk with breakfast (leftover tunafish). after all, it was 3 o'clock. tried to make crepes the other night with yen, turn out rather yech. wanted to try it again: 2c flour, 2tb sugar, 2 lg eggs, 2c milk, 2 tb cooking oil. yesterday, after picking all the meat from a roast chicken, i wanted to make soup. realized that i lacked all the veggie fixins - carrots and potatoes and celery. i think the universe is trying to keep me from cooking. but it won't stop me from oogling the goblin king! ooh david bowie, only you can rock the pants bulge, knee-high boots, and anime mullet.

hehehe, i learned to post picture!! broke my heart a little to learn it wasn't david bowie doing all those tricks with the glass balls. such a sexy skill to have. jennifer connelly is top on chris' sexy list - no one can dislike this movie. i annoy everyone about by quoting along with characters. well, back to labyrinth and learning. it should be noted, i'm in a much better mood today - neutral. huzzah. so let me leave you with this last bit of sagacity from david bowie and the fire gang:

So when things get too tough (get too tough)
And your chin is dragging on the ground (dragging on the ground)
And even down looks up (down looks up)
Bad luck heh heh,
We can show you a good time (show you a good time)
And we don't charge nothin' (nothin' at all)
Just strut your nasty stuff,
Wiggle in the middle yeh
Get the town talkin', fire gang

Chilly down with the fire gang (think small)
Think small with the fire gang
Bad hep with the fire gang (hey, listen up)
When your thing gets wild
Chilly down
Chilly down with the fire gang


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