November 20, 2004

been alive so long

birthday!!! at the moment of the twentieth aniversary of my birth (alright aniversary and three minutes) i sprang up and in a quiet ceremony jauntily bouced up and down and squealed for a few seconds until my joy was spent. then i sat back down to watch the silly music videos on tv. but i had my one triumphant moment and everyone missed it. kat was elswhere (and sadaf and matt and suegol and yen and all the others) so no hearty clap on the back, and jim wasn't even online, so no way to demand birthday kiss. ah, well. i'm being just as silly as ever. but i think i almost prefer this moment unshared. it's my birthday, after all, and there's something to be said about the total absence of human drama...

but i'm twenty!!! so come by or call and give me hugs and kisses and good wishes. it is my birthday, after all!


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