October 23, 2004

throbbing, pulsing golgi bodies

i feel like dancing. i think i might later, just shut myself in my room, turn on some funky disco beats and have at it, alone in front of my mirror. complete self-satisfaction. but i still have a lot of studying to do, and i won't permit myself overt fun until i at least finish reading another two chapters. i'm still feeling sick today. woke up at two and spat a lot of dark yellow phlegm into the sink before my throat felt normal. my nose has that overheated engine feeling and my head feels cold and damp, because my hair still has not fully dried. coupled with that, i'm distractingly horny; i can't keep biology in my head for any prolonged period of time. i ought to just deal with it, but being sick, i can't reconcile feelings of illness with the sensation of being touched. the only thing that really counters the compulsions is to be overwhelmingly productive. i cleaned my bethroom at 4am last night, and i fixed dinner, baked salmon and brown rice, tonight, for kat and myself. it was alright - i'm still learning. less butter on the fish, more in the rice. i feel i ought to be moving around more than i am, but instead, i'm going to go back to my cushy chair and learn more while my mind's eye produces all sorts of scenarios in my head. my legs need a good stretching and perhaps to be wrapped around someone. oh well.


At 2:47 PM, Blogger redheadtoday said...

I must say, the way you describe your hangover, I feel like you have been inside my head yesterday. The best thing for me when ever I have an hangover. Is a little bottle from a chinese shop, called ginsing. It tastes horibble, but it realy works. Give it a try some time.

Sorry my english spelling. I dont write english that often.

Take care, regards
carl :-)


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