October 18, 2004

talking in circles

ugh. so i got a lot less done this weekend than i really would have liked. on the other hand, apart from the drastic demands of bio, it seems that my workload is not too terribly intense. at least, the vast ammounts of assignments i must finish have due dates that range throughout the week, so it wasn't imperative that i finish it all this weekend. because i didn't. hah. i caught up with calc problems, and read the miller's wife...and that's all. pathetic, really. i did make dinner all by myself, though, and baked cookies with kat. which is the long way to say i positively gorged myself tonight, bleh.

kat sent me the link to the livejournal belonging to some girl in one of her classes. evidently she's an unassuming little asian girl who you wouldn't expect to be brilliant literati, but reading her blog, i was blown away. she writes beautifully and cleverly and from the couple of posts i had the attention span to read through, seems like a terribly awesome person. i want to track her down and forcibly befirend her. makes my blog feel horribly shallow, to be honest, but hey, you are what you write. but for your collective enjoyment, the link. now, go blog-stalk her, too.

in light of that lovely link and its praise, i am forced to admit i don't really have anything useful or edifying to share with you all tonight. i'm just a bit bored. i have to wake up extra early tomorrow to go start my work in the lab and i've trained myself to be awake at this hour. i should at least be trying to wade through the absurd alliteration of sir gawain and the green knight, but i can't even bring myself to do that. it's so silly. so far, the entire story seems like an amalgamation of semi-random words thrown together for the sole virtue that they begin with the same letter. i mean, come on, "...from broad neck to buttocks so bulky and thick,/ and his loins and legs so long and so great,/ ...for in back and breast though his body was grim,/ his waist in its width was worthily small,/ and formed with every feature in fair accord/ was he." not only is that a shitty description of male beauty, about 80% of those words were completely superfluous. and when were bulky buttocks good things? i guess when you ride a horse all day...

but who am i to criticize great literature, eh? when this is what i write.


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