October 01, 2004

so i am writing about her, the irony

imed kim today completely out of the blue. i was walking around campus and had the urge to talk to her. don't really know why. but, as my random instincts tend to produce terribly relevant results, i went along. wasn't the only impulse i had today, something told me to walk the l__ route back to the apartment, rather than s__. i had half a sandwich and half a muffin saved for kat from my lunch. they were her favorite kerchoff coffee house foods, and i was feeling very nice today. i had called, and she hadn't answered during my lunch break between classes, and when my day finished, i was hoping she'd be in the apartment so i could give them to her. she wasn't in the apartment, though. i ended up running into her on my way back home. brilliant, intuition. my conversation with kim, though was less fortunate. it was terribly awkward, to be expected, really, but much more drama filled than necessary. i told her i had satisfied the urge to catalogue her actions and write about them for my own pleasure, so i'll leave this post brief. however, suffice it to say, i no longer much care, it would be much too much a vain and silly endeavor to rebuild that bridge. i'm still waiting for the life moral.


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