October 20, 2004

silks and lace and gnarled claws

i have now gotten to that happy point where i need to be pried out of bed with a crowbar. joy. this bodes well. woke up feeling shitty still. ache in my throat and more phlegm than is strictly wise to discuss with you lest i be visited by the phelgm fairy. not a happy guy. my fingers seem to be peeling along the second joint in the inside of my hands. they snag onto fuzzy fabrics and scratch me when i touch myself. the rain, which has been very good of late in not actually inconveniencing me, may today impede my walk to class, or rather, it may dampen my walk to class. i love the rain as long as i do not have to go out into it. and it's times like this i wish i had been clever enough to bring down something with a hood. my plan is to wrap a scarf around my head and embrace my aqueous environment. which will probably boost phlem production to hitherto unachieved heights. i found my pair of little grey striped panties, the ones with the little bitty bow and lace, and was happy. hadn't been able to find them for ages and i thought perhaps they had run off with my change box to begin their new life as an investment banker. but no, there they were, inexplicably wadded up in another pair of knickers along with a much less ornamental grey pair. i can't really explain it, but it seems my panties have begun nesting themselves in one another like russian dolls. oh well, all the more power to them. but it's always nice to do something when you feel kinda crappy that makes you feel happy and pretty on the inside. and wearing dainty panties is one of them. now stop judging me!


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