October 09, 2004

the reasons i nap...

had a bit of a sleepover last night. moral of the story: i TOTALLY cannot sleep with other people in my bed. i ended up crunched into the foot of space closest to my wall, no pillow, where i huddled for cold, because evidently, the combination of alcohol metabolism, night furnaceyness, wearing pants to bed, and extra person make too much heat for even me to stand. for the record, jim had the pillow and the rest of my narrow, narrow bed. he's much bigger than i am, snores faintly, and evidently, gets very, very warm at night, as well. i was clinging to the cool, cool surface of that wall last night.

how did this all come about? i got drunk with sadaf and her crew at yen's las tonight, and not relishing the 3am walk back alone, called the only unfamiliar number in my phone's log. it was the phone of one of jim's fratmates', i forget his name. surprisingly, i took this pretty well in stride, considering my state. but i got jim to walk me back home, because i'd prefer the drunken walk alone to sadaf insisting on walking me back, and then having to walk to the dorms on her own, and not having someone small and female walking alone anywhere was the post preferable option of all. and he just didn't end up leaving. until now. i finally get my bed all to myself. ha!


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