October 25, 2004

people i've missed

actually got to talk with so many people who i've been generally cut off from this weekend. greg was online after essentially 5 months of asbsence and we chatted a bit and then he called and we talked a while longer. nothing terribly exciting, i'm afraid. every time i talk to him, i feel terribly dull - slow, uninteresting, shallow. it seems he'll be visiting the bay this winter and we'll probably try aand meet up. i can picture it now: tall, pale russian in a homburg (which he insists is actually a type of top hat called a "wilson"), tobacco pipe clenched between slightly yellowed teeth. me sitting across the tiny starbucks table in silence, most likely wearing pink in some form and feeling horribly childish for it, thinking, "i ought to suggest we do something, go somewhere, but i don't do or go anything or anywhere when i'm home alone, what could i possibly suggest now that i have to entertain?"

on the other hand, i talked to chris, who has been too busy to talk to me for ages and ages. he, entirely unlike greggy (who i call that only because he is the exact opposite of a "greggy"), always makes me feel warm and fuzzy and a fabulous person when we talk. he is the only person who caught the obscure sci-fi reference (with letters missing) that is my screenname on his first try. he, too, is going to be visiting california this winter, but would be slightly more difficult to catch up with, as he will be in san diego the entire time i'm back home. (his visit: 20th till the 30th, i'll be out of la: 16th through the 6th.) *cries* i haven't seen him since the 6th grade. i can picture that meeting as well: slightly chunky guy with long, curly, dark hair, rather like mine, grinning idiotically as i crush him in a big hug. i'll be laughing mirthfully as he heaps neverending complements up on me. and at some point he'll probably demand that i marry him.

above you can see the inherent differences between a world-traveling astophysicist and a poor philosophy major.

but that is not the limit of old friends i talked to, oh no. i chatted with matt, who has been in his usual "fallen off the face of the earth" state, which just means he has been playing with his other group of friends or moping, about why he ought not to become an art major. (yes, i crush his dreams!) and suegol about a whole range of things, inculding how irritated she gets when matt drops off the face of the earth, how completely psycho sadaf gets when matt drops of the face of the earth (alright, the word "psycho" was never actually used), and how terribly much she wants her a man. i laughed. i'm trying to convince suegol to drive down and visit me next month for my birthday. i would suggest matt visit, as well, except i suspect sadaf will try and poison his root beer or something. ooh, by talking to suegol, i learned that over the summer matt thought that he and i might have a "thing." i knew it! i knew that that was why he hung out with me, while at the same time completely blowing off the rest of the group. pity he felt bad about getting himself a girlfriend at the end of the summer and throwing me over, as it were, when he never really had a chance. of course, i did get pissed off when he fell off the face of the earth, but that's just what matt does.

so i had a lovely time reconnecting with all these old people and having many lovely conversations ranging from greg's mysterious, anonymous, hollywood girlfriend to pain in art. i'm going to have a lovely december, when i get to visit these people again.


At 10:03 AM, Blogger Sadaf said...

Dearest Carla,

I am so not psycho!! haha. It's one thing when only I have a problem with a person, but when all my friends are even more upset than I am about it, I can't just sit around and do nothing! ... I, at the very least, must get semi-psycho :)

And, as a side-note, I do feel bad about the letter, but I don't regret it. I just hope it accomplishes its purpose.

your psycho-delic favoritest! ;)

At 7:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I admit that I Ctrl-F-ed my name (didn't read anything before November 1), and that my main motivation for commenting was to note that (a) the hat is called a WilTon, and (b) that smoking is not permitted in Starbucks.

However, I would also like to ask you not to worry. I don't find conversations with you dull at all, and when people who entertain me start taking me all over the place, I begin to yearn for a quiet hour (or two) in a cafe. The only must is intelligent conversation, which I find that you can provide without a problem.

When we do meet up this winter, Crazy Julia will be with us, which makes the dynamic utterly unpredictable. I think we're both in for some fun.

-Greg (http://www.livejournal.com/~_grisha)


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