October 27, 2004

outside looking in

i've been way too busy these past days. studying for my ls midterm was probably more stressful that it should have been. but now that the test is over (did so-so. ironically, studied more complicated stuff than was on the test and ignored the simple crap that was.), one might think that the workload might have lightened. no. but i'm not helping the situation any. once again, i got it into my head that the ecology lab report was due...today, so when i got up this morning and realized this, i freaked out and used my morning breakfast-time-buffer to make the revisions needed. arrived 10 min late to lit for it and it's actually due next week. graah! this is the second time i've stressed out last-minute about this paper and not had to actually turn it in. also today, i got rained on and fed a squirrel (it ate directly out of my hand!). mum y mi tia arrive today at around midnight. i can't say i'm terribly eager for it. i mean, i'd adore to see my fluffy little mother again, but having them stay here is going to be a bit of a pain. i'll have to act normal. eat right, sleep early, take vitamins, study, no sweets before bed, work before play, horse before the cart, dress warmly, rise early, no drinking, no poping my zits, no rotting my brain in front of the tv, pick up after myself, and who is this jim your roommates keep taunting you about? *sigh* yen just told me, "your brain is so stressed out." really, it's not as bad in here as it seems. really. i'm going to nap and then go read utopia. i miss fun.


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