October 04, 2004

oh god, i'm so passive agressive, just in case

so eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is playing on campus this week and i really want to see it. i mean, loads. it is just such a sweet movie and, i don't know, what i would call a "very adult romance," if i were pushed into explaining my impressions of it. i mean, it takes a lot of maturity, i think, to accept someone else's neurosis that completely and with so much compassion. at least when you're not both fighting. it's just the sort of loving, understanding relationship...that i wish my parents had. haha, no, that i would want to have, were i able to respond normally to any human situation. but i want to go, and i want to make jim go with me because it makes me all happy and sad and crazy softhearted. and then i need a cuddle. so i'm either gonna have to do the "date" thing and ask him, or the "friend" thing and suggest it, or the "passive aggressive" thing and hope he reads it here. but to be frank, i don't know whether or not he knows this exists. i put it in my away messages sometimes, so he might, but he doesn't always act like he knows what's going on, so he might not, but he does sometimes do something i mention reaally wanting here, so he might, but then again, i always reaally want a massage... ah well, i'll most like mention it. but the mystery is...how?


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