October 24, 2004

ocd, atp, g3p, omg

for some reason, i've been checking my e-mail obsessively all weekend. every time i have nothing worse to do, i find myself clacking my password into the little pop-up screen. i ought to be learning the steps of glycolysis or something, but i just can't help it, the first thing i wish to do when i have finished checking my e-mail is to log on again. this obsessive-compulsive behavior is really starting to get on my nerves, but really, i'll do anything to stop thinking about bio. it's my fucking major and i can't even get through the reading! and once i have finished memorizing a-a-a-a-all the steps of glycolysis, it's on to pyruvate oxidization, the krebs cycle, electron transport chain, fermentation, photosynthesis, macromolecule structure, and what the hell the difference between the "microfilaments," "intermediate filaments," and "microtubules" is. okay, i pretty much know the last one, but the rest on that list are kinda hard. i mean: 1,3-bisphosphate, phosphenolpyruvte, glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate...argh! so in light of this, it's not surprising i spent hours last night watching anime with kat or scanning through episode after episode of jem and the holograms trying to find a good outfit for her to wear as aja this haloween, or that i spent the night at jim's, or any of the rest of it! this is god telling me to go into journalism or something. seriously.


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