October 05, 2004

no more garlic bread before bed

v. odd dream last night. i was escorting rich, young mary-kate and ashley olsen twin look-alikes around the country with no money, a la the simple life. we had somehow procured skateboards (theirs unadorned wood, mine - misshapen longboard, clear plastic and metal) and were just leaving somewhere where a rather creepy man had developed a bit of an attachment for me. we crossed streets to a narrow, empty highway, bordered with steel railings and bright green grass, and for some, a zoo. a short ways along the road, we reached our destination and the girls were about the throw away their skateboards, but i told them that they were worth money and to keep them. rather suddenly we were in their chauffeured car and were speeding along a wide road surrounded by hazy green-blue forest. then we were in a large white-furnished room with their mother. And now...switch plots entirely.

the creepy man from before surprises me with an engagement party on a desolate gray alternate plane of existence with purple sky, and i think it is terribly sweet. but i, of course, won't be able to marry him, as i've only just met him and he's mentally subnormal. just not appealing at all. a second group of male admirers are there as well, and they're a tall, menacing group, moving together in a mass of cruel black suits with cold faces and looks of disdain. in fact, all the guests are male. (this was all much more threatening in the dream than ego-gratifying, trust me.)

my creepy fiancee presents me with a book of drawing he did, himself of cute, smiling seahorses that we had seen...at some earlier time in the dream...and they are crudely drawn, but i pretend to appreciate it. and the gift is for some reason painted on the back of a makeup catalogue that my friends did the modeling for, all girls from america's next top model. i'm distracted as satan and death arrive at my little party, along with other random menacing spectres, their consorts. and death begins playing a song on his invisible trombone made of flame as his eyes and cowl glow red disco laser light style, and satan dances around with lithe movements and great glee. where i was touched and amused at first, and growingly wary, then confused, understandably, i am now pretty worried and a feeling of being horribly trapped overwhelms me. it is then that i get a phone call from my friends in the catalogue...through the catalogue, which has somehow doubled as a speakerphone. they call, upset that they were not invited to my engagement, and it is then that i realize that i am going to be forced to marry that horrible man and beg with my friends to come and help defend me. I know that satan and death and the man wearing the noose sash and my cruel exes will not let me leave if i try and they are around enjoying my agony. and as i am asking my friends to come save me...

i wake up. totally weirded out.


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