October 30, 2004

literature, ballet, football

mother is here, trying very hard not to baby me. she made my bed the other morning while i was in the bathroom and has been paying close attention to my class schedule to make sure i get to leccture on time. i find it partly adorable, and partly irritating, but i'm trying to see it more in the first way than the second. my aunt came and left - staying with a friend in town.

thursday night's plans for a party fell through entirely as i had a paper to write. entirely uninspired and juvenile piece about sir gawain and the green knight, ability to be brilliant spent with bio midterm. friday night went to the ballet, a show called blush. terribly antic and theatrical russian company: naked man on stage. lyrical violence. yelling at the audience. i saw panties, panties, panties, pigs, poetry. it was pretty fascinating, and just cements my love of modern ballet. dancers were in life and on a screen and in bags. late night was spent bored and watching bad tv. also playing hitckhiker's guide to the galaxy text-based rpg online for hours. wanted someone to come by and bring me a movie to see. i felt like gore. mother went to bed early, necessitating me to turn down volume on the tv to sub-audible levels. but i didn't. jim imed at 3 am deminding i go to his place and watch a movie. i declined.

my cell phone's shelf life seems to have been slightly longer than my wireless plan. suddenly the screen flickers and the display shuts off with no warning. today i woke up and tried desperately to get ahold of jim on the phone for about 7 missed phone calls before i just went over there to wake him up. he had promised sadaf and me a ride to the football game, but didn't wake up until half an hour into it, when i made one of his frat brothers shake him into consciousness. had an awkward moment in his room while he groggily tried to collect himself and dress. we picked up sadaf and got there about half time. regardless of late entry, it was a good game. shutout. i sat or stood between the two of them, willing jim to put his arms around my waist, but the most i got was a head resting on my hip. car rie back, top down (the car's not mine). i amused myself by knawing a little on my sweatchirt, making faces at people, staring at the clouds, and all the other little child things i do. got dropped back off at the apartment, hug and kiss on the neck, and went in. he has terrible timing, when i feel like being touched, he's restrained, when i'm sick and feeling gross he's all over me. i ought to work out some hand signals or something. now, i intend to watch tv with norton's anthology open to utopia in front of me for the guilt trip. enjoy.


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