October 18, 2004

hookey and american icons

was walking up the hill at the dorm end of bruin walk when "bad to the bone" came over my headphones. i love george thurgood. to me, he simply embodies americana badass cool, like james dean riding flag motorcycle sans helmet, he's just that bitchin'. "one burbon, one scotch, and one beer" has to be one of my all-time favorite songs and that part when he just goes on for ages about his trials with his landlady - classic and just completely nuts.

"i said to the bartender, 'come down her.' he got down thar and said 'what you want?' 'i wan burbon, ah-one scotch, an' one beer...'" deow deow deow ba-dadada

i've been sliding down the slippery slope of truancy faster and faster. today i missed two classes, though not entirely of my own volition. i woke up late, when kat insinuated herself into my room at 9:30 this morning to mention that i should have left well before then. thanks, kat. i power-showered because i really can't leave the apartment without first scalding myself, grabbed the pop tart kat had left me, and ran out the door. found the prof talking to another young, hip PhD just outside his offices. i acted good-natured and nonthreatening and no one seemed too upset i was late. we went up to the growth chamber, or whatever they call it, where i was introduced to a couple dozen anole-filled terrariums. and one tub of crickets. i'm not terribly intimidated by creepy-crawlies, but i can't say they please me, either. hoppy buggers. (nyaaaugh!) so i was filled in on procedure and left to my own to feed and water all the helpless little lizards. and this took me well into lit class, which i had really not meant to miss. i managed to smear lizard nutrient powder all over my face and the entire room smelt of what i had to assume was powdered cricket dung. it was also swelteringly warm in there, with a heat lamp for every terrarium. but it was rather peaceful and i busteled about listening to music and humming.

afterwards, i met up with yen for her to fill me in on what i missed, and we grabbed lunch between classes. ls is so information-packed and the midterm coming up is going to be hellish, for sure. ditched calc to come back here and nap. but not before 'lissa came by and paid me a complement - evidently i'm thinner, but my boobs are bigger this year. joy. now me and my titties are goin' to bed. peace y'all! out.


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