October 21, 2004

exfoliating mantis

what started, as all colds do, in my thoat has progressed to my nose and i'm paying with sporadic sneezes and wadded up tissues. my fingers are still peeling. and the skin on my forehead has suddenly bubbled into an unfamiliar, lumpy mess. i feel as if i'm errupting, it looks as if someone has frozen the surface of a havily simmering pot of water on my brow. it feels greasy and foreign and slightly stiff when i scowl. all day i've been fantasizing that the skin will peel off in thick chunks like an orange and reveal klingon ridges. or that it will delicately flake and a layer of new skin will appear underneath, mottled, green, and moist like a frog. i fantasize that i am going through some sort of metamorphosis and all of these odd symptoms are merely evidence of the change. shortly, i will spin a sticky, ropey chrysalis in the corner above cynthia's unused bed and suspend myself until some future date when i have fully undergone my change and emerged as some giant exotic insect-woman. perhaps i should go eat a bit of fruit...and maybe watch a bit less sci-fi, while i'm at it.


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