October 20, 2004

equal and opposite

my calc ta looks as if someone proped a load of flesh up on a frame of sticks and twigs, but for all his grotesque angularity, i still can't help but think he's a bit cute. it's just because i have unbounding admiration for people with skills i simply do not possess. how else can i explain the fact that i was impressed by simon-the-boy-who-memorized-pi in middle school. socially inept as he was.

in the same class was a blonde, white girl wearing pearls, a pink silk button-down sweater, with a burburry windbreaker hanging off the back of her chair. i didn't realize people even dressed like that. i can only conclude she was a reporter trying to infiltrate the young republicans and wish her luck. either that, or she was trying to break into the emibittered, alcoholic wives of millionaires club early on. in which case, i wish her luck.

i fell off the couch today, in a glorious arc, slid backwards off its back and landed supine on the ground, my legs splayed in the air like a dead beetle. kat was there to witness it all in its slapstick glory. this is only in cosmic symmetry to earlier today, when jim kept pulling me forward off the back of the couch onto him. i live an extraordinarily balanced life - every action...


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