October 02, 2004

daze of maliaise

so today was a big, dumb, day. started out well, but much too early. kat and i were up late visiting jim at triangle. we all basically sat around (there was drinking, though, for some reason, i did not partake) and watched adult swim and daily show. it was just after the debates so john stewart had wonderful, wonderful material and is my god. jim and i got into another cuddle. my neck was nuzzled, etc. now my superman t-shirt smells powerfully of him and i can't wear it, though technically, it isn't even dirty. (kat says she can't smell anything, which makes me seem paranoid and obsessive, but i maintain i have always had a powerful nose for people-scents. i'm not insane.) so, i woke up waay early for class, though actually about half an hour earlier than absolutely necessary, as far as waking up early went. got dressed, ate biscotti drank coffee, and trekked down to north campus to get the advisor to put me on the wait list for the lit class i want. so i'm number 1 for my section, and i make it to class after one false start where i walk into the wrong classroom, realize my mistake, return to the councilor for the correct classroom number, and search for the lecture hall wildly. and i totally dug it. the first lecture was a brief history of the english language, and i so miss both lit and history. love! next was section for that same class. i talked to my ta, and he said he'd let me in. huzzah! now i'm just waiting for him to send me the pte number so i can override the waitlist position. i'm waiting to be official before i buy my books. i bought lunch (see previous post), went to ls2 (i know tons of people in the class, but only in passing. chauzer is even in it! though we have nothing in common and only exchanged the barest of niceties.), went to calc (which i have completely forgotten), and went back to the apartment, running into kat on the way (see previous post).

had awkward convo with kim (previous post), blew off jim and triangle event - broom hockey - and then fell into hypoglycemic stupor for the rest of the evening. napped, met roosh's cousin, went to supermarket, watched kat beat metroid prime. energy returned in part after eating instant oven pizza, but had nothing to do. we finally stopped getting free cable so the tv is all snow and static, *sob*. eventually, we all ended up at amy and elissa's place for liquor and fun. i drank a bit, and considering that i was essentially dry all summer, hardly felt the effects. tomorrow i'm going to the football game with jim and sadaf, but don't know when we're leaving. oh well. i'll never wake up in time, sadaf will be pissed and leave without me, and jim will irrationally blame me for something or other, when it was he who didn't think to tell me the departure time. i think i'll enjoy it. i don't ever see enough football.


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