September 04, 2004

to rock: i'd be like god...

not on my own computer and it took me forever to figure out my login information for blogger. (thank god for autofill, generally, or i'd be completely lost.) i'm in la at the moment, hanging out with kat in the apartment. dropped nearly $200 today on nice things for the living - bedside table, desk, dresser, lamps, rug, unnecessary adorable night light shaped like a little squashy green ghost pea. then we went out to dinner. i'm surprised that i haven't gone into shock after spending all that money, shivering cold and clutching myself muttering in the corner. i can't wait to build all my furniture as all of it, no exception, is flat-packed. thank you ikea! but it looks like i don't get to be impressive handy-girl until my next visit as i have no easy access to tools at the moment. all of today was basically spent in stores, picking things up, putting things down, and commenting on other peoples' taste. and of course, spending money. apart from that, the trip has been in large parts: reading, eating, prodding kat and demanding she entertain me. i made it through choke, part of the thief of always, and part of __ and the goblet of fire. been listening to a lot of indie rock, rooming at the moment with both ib and kat. ib spends most of his time in the living room hand-sewing a quilt (!!!) and kat spends her time in the bedroom, online. the door between the two is closed and passing from one room to the other, you are basically switching from one hip cutting-edge band to the next. it is terribly humbling. kat took me into her groovy little music world friday night when we went to see a show at the troubadour. engine down, minus the bear, brazil, and statistic, in decreasing order. i really dug brazil, brilliant stage presence, and thought engine down and minus etc. were pretty good. statistic, eh. but they were the opener. i dug brazil so much i even bought the cd (more money spendey, gasp!) and then i realized i don't terribly like this type of music not live. eh. great bloody lyrics though, vocab fiends all! they looked a lot like a rock 'n roll version on the hitler youth, very aryian, muscular, groomed. but they were much more liberal, evidently, making a brief pollitical statement to the color of: opposing gay marriage is neither compassionate nor conservative. right on! the band (brazil) got me to remembering that i need to see the movie of the same name. and listening to duran duran today got kat to talking about how she needs to see barbarella, one of my favorite flicks. of course, i had to explain the connection between the band and movie first. (terribly rare that i get to know more about music than kat, but random obscure sci-fi movies are my geek niche.) ooh, but it was terribly geeeky today. rumors have been flying, or rather kat told me once that her friend from the comic book store she used to work at told her, that kevin smith (of movie glory) was opening a comic book store in westwood. we were talking about it while walking to the restaurant tonight when, lo, we walk right past that very storefront. it has yet to open, but i'm glad that a comic book store is finally within reasonable distance. even more embarassing than my love of geekdom is the fact that kat peeked through a crack in the window coverings into a store to catch a glimpse of what? i'm glad that she has blown off a date tonight (well, the night is not yet through) to keep me company in the apartment. ib has gone home and i would be sitting around all sad watching bad television, otherwise. we drive home tomorrow. i'm looking forward to having access to other means of entertainment. sadaf has been sad and missing me as suegol is away as well, and i am finally feeling in the mood to paint again. maybe i'll finish some old unfinished works. and in a rockstar moment, i say:

thank you cleveland, and goodnight!


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