September 27, 2004


my room is much batter arranged and i am very pleased with it. now, if only cynth would show up and approve the setup, i could rest easy. kat and i moved her stuff around the room this morning in the attempt to make everything fit. i even shifted her things from one side of the closet to the other. i doubt she'd mind, but really, i hope she'll be cool. it would reaaly suck to piss off your roommate before you have even been in the apartment together. kat and i went out for errands today. bought missing housewares and food. cooked together. and roosh stopped by to move her things in. actually, it's quite odd being here, just the two of us. cook together, shop together, sit on the couch and watch tv. i swear, it's like we're married. *slight shudder* blaize, jim, and crystal showed up to say hello, before blaize is to jet off to spain, bitter growl. i was crashing from low blood sugar and was rather reserved, i'm afraid. i think i could have dealt with any of them singly with perfect charm, but the three at once with little warning (i knew they were coming, but not when. then they just showed up outside the door.) was a bit much to handle. i kept my distance, hovering in the kitchen while they sat around in the living room. haven't really changed any, only noticeable thing is jim is a bit more tan (it's not like blaize would have grown over the summer or anything). mom called partway through the visit and i had to tell her i couldn't really talk. felt like horrid daughter. the three left soon after, having places to be. wore a flowered silk scarf as a shirt all today. had to constantly pull it up to cover my "unruly charges." so now, the fact that i appear mannish in my bathroom mirror fazes me not at all. i was uber girly all day, bra exposed and all. this is just to balance it out. changed into monkey-pig tee before company came, though. sexy tops are for hardware stores, not company.


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