September 14, 2004


i went to the gym today. lifted weights with my spaghetti arms. listened to the yeah yeah yeahs and other groovy tunes. my mood has turned better since this morning, except for the aching. i even get to be social tonight! gonna meet nicole about the tat i designed for her. and i get another chance to brag about about my initials being seared into some chick's ass, yeeheehee!

horoscope for today: a dream you had last night will stick with you all day. examine its meaning. pity i have forgotten what they all were like as it's evening. screw you, crappy late horoscope message. i'm sure it meant nothing much anyways, they've all been weird for the last month or so. i'm pretty sure they weren't about my moniker on ass. silly dreams. *shakes head*


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