September 08, 2004

not the right tool for the job...nor the right outfit

wearing: black panties, black cami, brown safety goggles
occupation: skivving off work to drill holes in mother's desk for new computer
estimated work time: i've been putting this off for weeks
injury potential: high
music: brazil

who the hell decides to woodwork before breakfast?? but i've promised to do this every morning and night for a couple of weeks now, it's high time i started. i have sawdust all over my work area, my parents' bedroom and suspended in the air. at least i get to shower after all this. aaall sweaty. none of my drill bits are quite as big as i need them, so i'm using some odd combination of portable drill, old-fashioned hand-crank drill, and round rasp. it's a slooow job and my arm hurts from the filing. as for the fillings: my jaw hurts slightly and it feels a bit tense when i try to open it all the way. i don't know if that's a side effect of loong needle being shoved into it or the fact that it was wedged open for half an hour yesterday. i regained sensation in my mouth at about 6, so i was able to eat dinner, thankfully. at the moment i feel damn handy. but also terribly special for not being dressed a la bob villa home-improvement-style in flannels and denim. i am carpenter slut. hehe.


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