September 23, 2004

love and fiction

in the same way that jim has an obsession with stargate sg-1, have now developed an obsession with m*a*s*h. been watching it every night. oh god, hawkeye is my perfect man. reasonably attractive, a doctor, pacifist, great wit, irreverent. *swoon* i think i have to add him to my list of guys who make me all twitchy. hawkeye, not jim. but to be honest, i really need to add some real humans to that list, i mean batman and tintin are all well and good, but c'mon, you can't do the squelchy with fiction.

so the running list is:
1. tintin, 2. adam west as batman, 3. Capt. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce (played by alan alda, not donald sutherland), 4. john stewart, 5. bruce lee, 7. seth macfarlane, 8. paul rudd

yeah, a bit different than last time, but some infatuations have waned, priorities have changed; i'm older, wiser, suddenly slightly less enamored of bruce lee, *shrug.* but oh, yeah, very hottt.


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