September 26, 2004

long day

so i've finally moved down to la, and after last night's histrionics, it's probably about time. not that there wasn't another long drag-out of emotion this morning. kat suggested (some time around midnight just as i finished up packing) that we leave around 11, as is opposed to the previously discussed noon. so, i woke up at 10, dressed, broke the news about my early departure to my parents, ate, did all my last minute throwing of crap into bags...and waited. at this point i was feeling shit for leaving my parents behind without my company. sad sad sad. dad was essentially following me around from room to room, running his own errands, but still with a suspicious correlation to my own wanderings. mother kept remembering things i had forgotten and was plying me with pills and vitamins and teas and recipes. i was ready to leave by 11, but kat did not arrive till just short of 1. so goodbyes with my family were drawn out to agonizing lengths, leaving me with indelible pout lines framing my mouth and a growing urge to just end it all, horrid daughter that i was. you cannot drag sad goodbyes out for long without eventually experiencing suicidal pangs. finally, we were all so emotionally spent that dad went upstairs to pay bills, i flicked on the tv, and mom retreated to the kitchen. finally kat did arrive, and we piled up the last bags of my things into whatever spaces of her car that were not already maxed, hugged one last time, and i was gone. pathetic, ironic, self-conscious, tragic wave as the car turned around and sped away. i was a credit card commercial, or a home loan ad.

hit the road for several hours, as usual. kat picked the music, as well as supplied it, due to her unwavering taste. i napped. we stopped at a carl's jr. and i inadvertently ordered a double cheeseburger due to unfamiliar burger names, which i was then forced to eat. the lady even asked me, "are you sure?" to which i stuttered a pathetic inarticulate equivocal mesh until she just rung me up for what i had ordered. was not delivered my soda, however; perhaps she thought i was getting enough filth in the form of that horrid mass of burger. bulging, drove the rest of the way to la, the biggest event - viewing a flipped minivan.

we arrived and i promptly set about to constructing my furniture. called the parents to let them know i arrived intact. and discovered i needed a hammer to progress anywhere in my project. convinced kat to go to rite aid, stopped at diddy reese for dinner (ice cream sandwiches. i figured, as long as i'm eating badly, why stop?), and returned to the apartment for fun and carpentry.

(aside: actually, we stopped at kevin smith's comic book store in westwood for the geek contact high. it was very self-referential, almost disturbingly so. posters from his movies adorning all the walls, figures of jay and silent bob, costumes, t-shirts, more images of jay and silent bob. jason mewes was behind the counter looking slightly pudgier in person and quite unapproachable. of course, i am completely terrified of people, so i'd have to say that most strangers look entirely unapproachable to me. it has to be extraordinarily bizarre working in a place with your face adorning ever corner, and a third of the merchandise. i would probably go into a paranoid freak-out. though, come to think about it, i do that a little just if i think people are watching me. and as i was terribly comfortable dressed in a 80's-styled shirt and horribly ripped jeans, i was terribly uncomfortable wondering if i was getting weird looks.)

but now back to our regularly scheduled story:
i added to the enjoyment of the entire (carpentry) proceedings by putting up dirty away messages to the ilk of, "surrounded by wood, though not the fun kind. someone fetch me a carpenter." not one of the better ones, i'm afraid, but the only one i can remember. i assembled: an end table (child's play, just screw on the legs), a desk, a bookshelf, a filing cabinet, and a dresser. and again, made many many dirty double entendres based on the word "screw." finally, finished all that and was able to assemble my bed. kat dislikes the arrangement of the room, and i must admit, i do take up much too much space, but i think i'll wait until cynthia arrives to move my desk and dresser into reasonable places. my computer is currently at the opposite side of the room as my desk, as that is where the ethernet port is, but i'm thinking i shall just get a cheap wireless hub and neatly mend that little problem. aside from those little snags, i'm well on my way to becoming settled. i have yet to unpack, of course, but jungle sheets now adorn my bed. (i am so gonna snag a man this year, just you wait.)

as an only child, i think it will be very difficult to restrain myself from becoming a huge nuisance to my roommates. i have never lived in such close proximity to someone i get along with (not even last year, hee), and there is a definite danger that i will glom on to my roommates like an attention-starved younger sibling and never let them have a moment of peace. actually, i think of it as more of an inevitability. i can only hope i am not too obvious in this, or at least that i am endearing enough to make it forgivable. and if i squeal and hug anyone this week, please just chalk it up to high spirits, but i will attempt to feign decorum, for your peace of mind.


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