September 18, 2004

let me be your secret keeper

i went for my first manicure ever this morning, more out of convenience than anything. it was either that, or wait in the car for dad to finish a therapy session before he could drive me to work. i think i opted for the more appealing way to start my morning. sadaf picked me up, and i forced her to wait outside while i clothed myself, and in the kitchen while i fed myself. (she showed up just as i stepped out of the shower so i gave her the option: wait 3 minutes or see me naked, a very generous choice, i believe, and i ate a hot dog for breakfast, ugh.) she went for a pedicure, and not wanting to spend so much, but not wanting to wait, bored, either, i got my nails done. and totally dug it. it was very soothing and nice and i think i might spontaneously orgasm if i ever get a pedicure. sensitive feet. i am so getting one in la. *grin* the entire time, i was tempted to inform sadaf about her surprise birthday party that very night (!) but i didn't. admirable me. she dropped me off at work, where i toiled as lightly as possible to avoid messing up my new french tips. v. classy, but the glare off my nails kept freaking me out.

i dashed out at 6 sharp for dad to drive me home, ran up to my room, changed (mostly because sadaf had seen me earlier and i wanted to give the impression of trying), scribbled down directions to her cousin's house, and peeled out of there. driving to the cousin's place i kept observing my surroundings and thinking, "ooh she lives in a poor neighborhood," "oh, she lives in a generic suburb," "bet she's rich," and "this area looks kind of run down." finally, reaching her house on the top of a hill, i found she lives in a fuckin' palace. length of driveway, i believe is directly proportional to the ritz factor of a house. theirs was very ritzy. (conversely, my driveway is about 8 feet long and at a steep incline, do the math.) seriously, there were just 2 houses on her street, a gate leading up to the driveway, which dropped off on one side to a cliff, and they had a small parking lot on their property, as well a a swimming pool and tennis court. by the time i reached the door, my eyes were bugged out and i prayed that i had found the right place, rather than walk up to the house of a bunch of wealthy strangers. heard voices and music from the back, so i followed the sound and lo, saw my friends. was very relieved, as it would have been awful to walk in on some rich brat's garden party. in attendance were yen, jeff (of the drama), suegol, sadaf (of course), negar, and the cousin (naturally).

sat around and made conversation, ate finger foods, etc, etc. dinner. cake. presents. (pink ipod, v. nice, and a pink sweater to match.) small fire. (tea lights and tissue paper. daring grandmothers beating out the flames with plates. fluffy black ash floating in the air like tiny clouds of doom. catch the flakes on your tongue!) slapstick humor. (sadaf hugging her mother and coming away with half a mustache make of black ash.) laughter. played pool upstairs, am terribly bad, but also have brilliant luck at times; scratched a lot, generally as sank a shot. gossiped. late night. drove home. sang v. loud rock and roll.

notably, i guess: i was civil, even friendly, towards jeff. unable to get sadaf a gift ahead of time, it came out that i bought a pair of shoes for myself rather than get her a present again. bonded a bit with yen, she seems terribly interesting. i am an attention whore (but reading my blog, i'm sure you already knew that).

so i had a terribly good time and when i grow up i want a house that awesome (except, perhaps, with a more logical floorplan - doors, stairways completely unnecessary and a bit ostentaious). and finally, i kept a secret, i kept a seeecret!


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interesting story ;)


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